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The Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea has promoted the project "Environment 2010" which plays a strong team move to support the National Strategy for Biodiversity . The crux of the system is the National Biodiversity Network (NNB), a network of Centers of Excellence (CoE) and National Focal Point (FP), accredited to international and national level for the management, sharing and information about data on biodiversity.

The NNB is a shared data management system consists of a central node, which allows you to do the research and data management, and peripheral nodes (database that have primary biodiversity data) in order to ensure consultation and the 'efficient integration of information on biodiversity, all done without the physical transfer of data, which always reside at cooperating institutions which retain all legal rights.

The database of properties of individual nodes differ in structure (different fields) and architecture (different DBs, like Access, Oracle, MySQL, etc..), But they can communicate through the Protocol Biocase. This ensures, through a set of rules, a communication between the nodes themselves intrinsic and the international community that participates in the network of Biocase.

The Network is able to interoperate with similar international infrastructure (LifeWatch, GBIF, etc..) And the National Geoportal, consistent with the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive ( Legislative Decree no. 32/2010).

The NNB, through the aggregation of the current state of knowledge on biodiversity in Italy, therefore aims the objectives of improving the dissemination and sharing of biodiversity data, making them available for pure research, to that applied for the education and for training, and to represent a national strategic tool for conscious policy decisions that ensure the sustainable use of natural resources of our country.

This work is licensed under a "Italian Open Data License" v. 2.0.

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